NEWS - 04. February 2022


Eulogy by Frederik and his manager over the untimely and tragic death of Frederik's main sponsor, Michael Antitsch Mortensen, Hybel.


We are so immensely grieved and in mourning. We have lost our patron, the man who gave us the chance to succeed in a fiercely demanding world. But most of all, we have lost our dear friend - our playmate - our great pride.


Michael let us do what we were good at as he has done with so many others.


By his presence alone, Michael created stars. A presence that was so immeasurably strong and that showed people respect as equals.


Michael saw the individual human being, spotted the talent and let people live out their dream through him. He created growth because he made people grow. He instilled even greater confidence in ourselves and enabled us to thrive, excel and succeed. He himself was the most glorious focal point of joy, spirit and willpower! 


We have lost a guiding light that gave us the backbone and the belief that we can achieve the impossible - together. To be shown great trust as a 16 year old by a stranger who financially paves the way for one's career is indescribable. But even greater is to be seen by an unusually rare and truly good, unassuming, warm-hearted and honest man, whose fine qualities belong to a bygone era. Michael trusted a word because he was always true to his own. A signature was not required when one had an oral agreement.


The results and victories of the future in our world will belong to Michael. He will always be in our hearts and with us in our future endeavors and with our deepest gratitude.



Frederik & Dorte