NEWS - 21. March 2022


This year's debut for Frederik Vesti in F2 at the French ART GP on the Bahrain International Circuit became  one of those kinds that one must quickly move on from, but first and foremost learn from.

Full of anticipation Vesti went into a qualifying that ended up having unfortunate consequences for an overall miserable weekend. In qualifying, Vesti was deprived of his first time due to exceeding track limit. On his second quick attempt to secure Vestis' starting position for the main race on Sunday, everything went wrong. An impatient Vesti overheated his rear tires during the warm-up for his fast lap and with a lock-up of the rear tires, the chance was missed.

With a starting position as P19 in both the sprint race and feature race, the dream of a decent result turned out impossible. As in F3, the starting position in the sprint race is reversed but only for the 10 best placed drivers in qualifying. When you are outside the top 10, the starting position will be the same for both races. Vesti gained 6 positions in the first race. With a very small chance in the feature race to catch up with the leaders due to the starting position at the end of the field, the plan was to use this particular race to gain as much experience as possible for Vesti in his new car. That mission did not succeed. A rear-end collision already on the second lap from Turkish Cem Bölükbaşi racing for the Charouz team, who braked way too late, caused Vesti to spin around and then it was game over!


"I can only say one thing - that I am extremely happy that there are only 4 days until I sit in my racecar again and can make amends for this weekend!! It has not been fun. But I know and I am fully aware of what mistakes I made and where my challenges lies. I can take that with me moving onto the second round of the Championship. Most importantly right now is the certainty that this weekend I had one of the very best cars in the field. A huge thanks to my team for providing me with a great car! My teammate Theo Pourchaire won the feature race. This, of course, makes it even harder to swallow a bad weekend when the opportunity for a top result was there. But the fact that we already have an extremely competitive car for the first race of the year gives a big mental boost despite my own personal disappointment. ”