NEWS - 01. January 2023


A huge thank you for a great 2022! Also a big thanks to every single one of you helping me develop and making me faster – and stronger.

Thanks to ART for taking me to where I’m now.

Thanks to Gwen Lagrue and Mercedes AMG F1 for the continued trust you guys have in me even when not winning this year's Championship. I grow from that every single day. Abu Dhabi was the biggest for me ever! That will have me dream even more ;-)

Thanks to my personal team: Chris Gooder, John Noonan, Stephane Guerin, Rob Wilson, my dad - and manager.

Thanks to my commercial partners and investors who makes me believe in the future by keeping supporting me.

Thanks to my amazing and passionate fans who give me “that extra” to get going.

PREMA, I can't wait to return to the racetrack with you :-)

Wishing you all a Happy New Year!